Above: MUSYC at Chandler Hill Winery, June 2010: Photo courtesy Roy Ivey

MUSYC performing "A Dream Like Mine" MUSYC at the Boathouse -- June 2010
MUSYC performing "Free Man in Paris"  MUSYC at the Boathouse -- 2010
MUSYC performing "Not the Only One" MUSYC at Chandler Hill Winery -- June 2010
MUSYC performing "Up On The Roof"  MUSYC at Chandler Hill Winery -- January 2010
MUSYC performing "Say You Love Me" MUSYC at the Boathouse -- 2009
MUSYC performing "Strong Enough"  MUSYC in Kirkwood -- 2009
MUSYC performing "Nature's Way" MUSYC at the Boathouse -- 2006
MUSYC performing "Shower the People"  MUSYC at Graham's Grill -- 2006
MUSYC performing "California Dreamin" MUSYC at PJs -- 2005
SONG SNIPPETS: MUSYC at Starr-B-Q -- 2005
Carolina In My Mind at the Roadhouse, March 2012 MUSYC at Botanical Gardens
Manic Monday (courtesy Megan Valentine) MUSYC at PJs Martini Bar, Kirkwood -- 2004
Amie (courtesy Megan Valentine)  
Walking On Broken Glass (courtesy Megan Valentine)  
Hit the Road, Jack (courtesy Megan Valentine)